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Top 4 Lead Generation Trends To Watch In 2016

shutterstock_214870426Lead generation requires a lot of time spent on strategies that work. Spending a lot of time on marketing efforts with no results is like pouring water into a bucket that leaks. All your efforts go down the drain when you lack the real lead generation knowledge. As a locksmith business, such knowledge is treasured.

Outlined below are the top 4 lead generation trends to watch in 2016.

1.    Email Marketing

This is one timeless online marketing strategy, and it still continues to be very effective currently. It resulted to a very resourceful trend known as marketing automation. This practice allows you to send automatic and highly targeted emails that are also personalized specifically to those leads. As much as the traditional newsletters are still important, they, however, lack the ability to generate more data on the users and fail to make effective targeting like automation does. With the targeting becoming more specific, conversions increase resulting to success.

2.    Content Marketing

Content remains king since it is what your target audience will see. As a locksmith company, you are probably targeting property owners, and there is no better way to do that than put content that is appealing to your target audience. With the wide array of content out there, always ask yourself as a locksmith business, what content should I focus on? To come out on top since many competitors out there will be doing the same thing, start by experimenting with the common and uncommon tactics. It doesn’t matter if you will be using blogs, infographics, videos, microsites, research reports and so on. Just keep in mind that you should only stick with what works after testing what is and what isn’t working. This way you will have a clear definition of your lead generation tactics in time.

3.    Search Marketing

This is one of the most rewarding long-term strategies for lead generation. It is no surprise when a few quality and well-placed keywords rank a site at number one on major search engines and generate millions in revenue from SEO. This can be possible for a locksmith company too. Being ranked high on a major search engine like Google is not easy, but always remember that great SEO is, in the end, a bi-product of things well done in other areas such as content marketing, design, and even social marketing.

4.    Social Media Marketing

Social media has been viewed upon by many online businesses as the least effective when it comes to lead generation.  However, many businesses claim that because they have poor social media marketing strategies. Some businesses have raked in millions in leads, and this is because they did a few things right. In this case, as a locksmith business intending to generate leads through social media, how about learning from the minorities who have made it?

Staying updated on lead generation trends is imperative to any business intending to succeed in online marketing.