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The Best Digital Marketing Trends for Your Locksmith Business

shutterstock_132264644Gone are the days when customers search the Yellow Pages to find a locksmith. In this day and age, most people obtain content online. They use laptops, mobile phones and tablets to find information about local businesses and services. Therefore, it is vital for locksmiths to stay on top of the latest trends in marketing.

Digital marketing is a rapidly changing field. New technology and social media apps become available every day. This makes it a challenge to keep up with the shifts in digital marketing. We have put together a list of the newest trends in digital marketing for 2016.  Use the tips below to help your business grow and keep ahead of the competition.

Develop a Trending Website

More than 80 percent of customers conduct research online before making a purchase or using a service, according to Adweek. In spite of this, almost 45 percent of small business owners’ do not have a website at all, according to Local Search Association Insider.

Even having a website is not enough to capture attention in a competitive market, especially when the customer can quickly move on to the next website with just a click of their mouse. Website design is constantly changing and new technology emerging. Many DIY website builders do not support the newest technologies or offer the latest tools in website design. It is important to consider using a marketing and website design company as they often employ the newest tools and tricks in webpage design.

Be Active on the Latest Social Networking Platforms

Many companies have a Facebook page, but being active on only this platform is not enough. To capture your customer’s attention, it is important to have a presence on the latest social networking platforms, such as Pinterest and Twitter. Pinterest offers many new features that are great for prompting businesses, such as Rich Pins, enhanced search and profile pages. Daily postings on these platforms can help increase your visibility and online presence. You can use also use these social media platforms to respond to requests for information, promote specials and provide customers with information about your services and business.

Use Videos to Engage

Videos are on the rise in marketing. According to Entrepreneur, YouTube is the second-largest search engine on the internet. The value of YouTube and video marketing makes it a key component in any digital marketing plans. Creative video content can be used to help a business educate buyers, build relationships and maintain loyal clients.

Staying on top of marketing trends will help your business grow. To keep up with trends, consider hiring a company that specializes in digital marketing. Digital trends are constantly changing, and a digital marketing company can help your business become aware of the newest digital trends and integrate them into your marketing strategies.