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  • Keyword Research: We apply analytics, keyword tools and over 10 years of combined online marketing experience to know the most effective search targets.
  • On-Page SEO: Our checklist of over 100 SEO factors will be applied to your locksmith company’s website to ensure maximum visibility, relevancy and layout.
  • Off-Page SEO: With ongoing citation placement, link building and industry outreach we will systematically improve your locksmith business’s search relevance to boost and/or maintain rankings.
  • Content Marketing Strategy: Every locksmith website package includes a calculated content strategy to attract and generate the type of cases your locksmith business needs to grow.
  • Analytics & Reporting: With the power Google Analytics & personalized ranking reports, we know where your website’s traffic comes from, how long your visitors are viewing your site, your most popular web pages and more, every month.

Your Rankings Matter

Locksmith Marketing Guru is known for providing SEO (search engine optimization) for locksmith websites, creating first page search engine placement for locksmiths across the industry. Online marketing for locksmiths is competitive, and unless your locksmith company ranks on the first page of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, your website will be of no use to your practice. locksmiths receive most of their business via referrals, but there are thousands of people with lock and key service issues that use the internet for their information. What do internet users type into search engines to find a locksmith who meets their needs? That is the penultimate question of internet marketing for locksmiths, and is where every locksmith’s SEO campaign is made and broken.

our in-depth strategy brings results

Search Engine Optimization for locksmiths is a dynamic process that begins with an understanding of your goals for finding new customers. When our locksmith SEO experts have a well-rounded knowledge of your goals as a locksmith , we conduct in-depth keyword research to ensure your site’s optimization is targeted for the most relevant keywords that consumers use when searching for a locksmith in your area. It is disadvantageous to appear for search terms that no one is typing in the search engine, so it is important that we target your locksmith Company’s website toward a healthy variety of keywords based on search volume. If your website has great rankings for keywords that have high search volume on sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo, then you will have a better opportunity to reach those potential customers.

the importance of working with a reputable seo firm

All Search Engine Optimization strategies are not equal. The number of online marketing companies that provide SEO for locksmiths grows every day. It is critical that you are aware how few of those companies are doing great work; the truth is many locksmith SEO agencies are using risky tactics that can result in you being penalized by Google. It is disappointing that the digital marketing world must combat the negative aspects of SEO, but at Locksmith Marketing Gurus we are working daily to show locksmiths and locksmithing companies everywhere the vast benefits of a properly optimized online marketing campaign.

Google uses over 200 known factors to determine search engine results page rankings. Although only a few select Google engineers have knowledge of those factors, we have spent years performing careful research and testing to reliably prove which factors of website development and design are critical to search rankings. When you work with Locksmith Marketing Gurus, our skill and organization will only serve to back up the results we have earned for customers nationwide.

a well-rounded approach to digital marketing

Be aware: high visibility on Google, Bing and Yahoo does not guarantee new customers for your business. High online search visibility for locksmiths is crucial to their success but is still only one piece of the internet marketing picture. There are several critical elements that combine to create a comprehensive approach to online visibility; a custom website design, high quality content and a carefully monitored pay-per-click advertising campaign are all incredibly valuable tools that will propel you to sustained online success when applied properly. All of these can be key factors when maximizing your locksmith company website’s potential to convert visitors to customers.


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