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  • Is free to install.
  • Provides a wide variety of reporting options, enables you to understand how people are interacting with your website.
  • Gives you the data you need to make informed, systematic changes to your website that will improve your search rankings and online visibility.

make informed decisions

Locksmith Marketing Gurus can apply the power of Google Analytics data to your locksmith company website to systematically improve your online visibility and help your website achieve its conversion goals. With the availability of information through the internet, most locksmiths know their attractive website and smartly written content are critical to online success, but they are still unable to generate the traffic they need.


home-partnerThe professionals at Locksmith Marketing Gurus have passed Google’s rigorous certification tests and are prepared to apply the power of data to your locksmith company’s online marketing efforts.

Google Analytics consultation with Locksmith Marketing Gurus will put you face-to-face with our certified analytics experts who have years of experience in applying Google Analytics data to online marketing campaigns. Understanding the significance of your bounce rate, conversions, popular pages and posts, site traffic and referral data can support your SEO campaign when making changes to your locksmith website’s design and content. Locksmith Marketing Gurus have vast experience in applying analytics data to locksmith company SEO campaigns to generate incredible results.

We provide customized Google Analytics reporting and consulting for locksmith businesses of all sizes. Locksmith Marketing Gurus are prepared to bring the strength of analytics and reporting to your locksmith company. Contact the Locksmith Marketing Gurus today to begin your journey to online success with Google Analytics.